Wordscapes Answers And Cheats [ + Bonus Words ]

This master topic aims to help everyone to find Wordscapes answers. The game is a fantastic crossword puzzle game for smartphones and Tablets. It provides you a handful of letters that you have to use to find the words needed in the level.

After the first pack of levels, you will be introduced to the idea of Bonus Words. Not all word games give the opportunity of bonus words ( crosswords, for instance ).

And that’s where we are different from others!

We provide a lot of bonus words discovered either by our dear readers or us.

Wordscapes Answers


What will you Get Wind of when using this Wordscapes guide?

  • Placement of the words ( with screenshot ) in the crossword.
  • A bunch of Bonus Words for many levels.
  • A Bullet List of all the valid words that you may read as it sweets you.

Yes, we will provide the best guide available on the internet with many Bonus Words and Screenshots for many levels that may help you quickly find your answers.

Hereafter the list :

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle:

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle

Super addicted players can play more with daily challenges. To get some support, you just have to visit this topic: the answers for Wordscapes daily puzzles.


Wordscapes Game Play

Wordscapes follow the pattern of games like Word Crossy and Word Cookies, where it provides a swipeable wheel of letters and a blank crossword pattern to fill in with them. What made Wordscapes different is that every level is handmade, excluding every possible weird word.

There are no annoying ads that can irritate the pleasure of playing this game.

About Wordscapes master levels :

After finishing Level 6K, Many players unlocked master levels! I have to mention that these levels are randomly generated from already solved levels, so we will not cover them. It is impossible.


Peoplefun doesn’t use the standard dictionary but their own words selection, with a lot of Bonus Words to help players earning additional coins. You can find the hidden words by shuffling letters. Don’t use the hint button first; take your time and think calmly because all terms could be found quickly.

If you follow our guide, you will have a good list of bonus words in each level, and if you find additional ones, please share them with us, it will help other players.

Feel free to comment on this topic if you have any suggestions.


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  1. Theresa Lipsett-Arroyo

    I can’t find answers to Galaxy.

  2. Margaret McCrea

    I’m stuck on 6132 can you help me out?

  3. shirlee marazza

    the block that says close app, wait, report is not going off and my phone won’t work. How can I get it to close?

    1. Craig Johanson

      I’m currently on level 36,673

  4. Ronald Beck

    I can’t get any of these links to open up to see the answers. All it does is send you to the same page over and over again

    1. Game Answer

      Hi Ronald,

      No, it is ok with the links. Please try again.


  5. Karma

    I am experiencing the people fun crossword puzzle on my ipad mysteriously dying. I do not need to be doing something. I have tried quitting and restarting the game, shutting down the ipad and restarting it, and so far nothing works.

    1. Word Gamer

      Hi Karma,
      We only provide answers to the game. we are not affiliated with the developper.
      You can contact them via Apple store.

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