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Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers + Cheats

We have already finished all the available packs of Wordscapes ! And now we will continue fetching the game cheats opportunities and reveal the answers of the available Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers ! Today, we will complete the game with daily answers for challenges delivered by the developer in the game package. This topic will give you the link to the monthly topics which are prepared on daily bases.
The Daily Puzzle is a great way to keep your mind healthy and improve your cognitive abilities. It’s also an excellent way to stay active with highly addictive games daily.
If you’re interested in trying it out, check out Wordscapes

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers:

wordscapes answers

Now, I will reveal the Tip I used to reveal these daily puzzles before the real date :

And, it is really simple,

You can use it to solve daily puzzle of tomorrow … today ! And then, collect bonus coins.

But not only that …

To do it, You have to reach the settings menu of the device and then change the date. that’s all !

Remember that when you set a new day, you will have daily free gift, so you will have with this method a lot of coins 😉

Hope this helped you.

Thank you



1 thought on “Wordscapes Daily Puzzle Answers + Cheats”

  1. I tried the date changing and now the daily puzzle says the date is June 7 and I will get a new puzzle on June 8. Those dates never change even though I reset the correct date on my iPhone。

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