Word Connect Daily Challenge 2019 [Including Hints]

Word Connect
Word Connect

The topic Word Connect Daily Challenge provide all the hidden words in daily challenge mode for the game word connect, We have also submitted in these topics the bonus words that we encountered while playing the game.

Download Word connect here : here

Today, we will complete the game with daily answers for challenges delivered by the developer in the game package.

This topic will give you the link to the monthly topics which are prepared on daily bases.

Word Connect Daily Challenge :

Word Connect Daily

Why you should not waste your coins in daily challenges :

First of all, It is daily challenge, it’s aim is to give us additional coins, so please don’t use a cent trying to solve a board !

Then, take 2 seconds and look at this win message :

word connect daily challenge

You see, that when I won that challenge, I’ve just got 15 coins, this is the average win reward. So when the day’s challenge is finished, the total coins collected are : 15×5=75. This is less than one hint use ( set at 120 ).

So if you use just one hint on daily quests, you will have at the end a negative balance.

Don’t Get Trapped !


Do you know that ?

If you dont have coins, you can anticipate the access to the next day challenge ?


It is possible …


It is easy as pz !

This is what to do :

  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Click on : “date & time settings” ( it can depends on the device )
  3. Turn “Automatic date & time” off.
  4. Go to “Set Date”
  5. Change the date
  6. Enjoy playing a new daily challenge.

You can repeat this action to access to previous or future days .

Hope this helped you a lot.

See ya for next updates of the game.