Word Craze Level 413 [ Answers ]

Word Craze Answers

You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze Level 413, You will have in this game to find the words from the hint in order to fulfill the board and find a final word of the level. The game is new and we decided to cover it because it is a unique kind of crossword puzzle games. We have compiled here all the puzzles we found in this level so you just have to read the answers.

Word Craze Level 413 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersClassic Puzzle :

  • A husband or wife : SPOUSE
  • To travel between home and work : COMMUTE
  • What is this 60s and 70s movement called? : HIPPIE
  • Highly concentrated coffee for someone in a hurry : ESPRESSO
  • Fluid found in the mouth that starts the digestion process : SALIVA
  • British luxury fashion brand known for its iconic trench coat style : BURBERRY
  • Private rocket development company owned by Elon Musk : SPACEX
  • Italian city famous for its canals and black gondolas : VENICE

Cross Puzzle :

  • Sesame Street tune, with The : OSONG
  • Imaginative : ORIGINAL
  • A student’s pride: Abbr. : GPA
  • Ixnay : ITSANOGO
  • Exam for high school jrs. : PSAT
  • Popeye tyke : SWEEPEA
  • Parcel out : ALLOT
  • Strong fishing nets : TRAWLS
  • Rose’s town : TRALEE
  • She, in Rio : ELA
  • Give ___ whirl : ITA
  • Hardly pastel : NEON
  • The Chicago Sting was its last champion in 1984: Abbr. : NASL
  • Arrive at hastily, as a conclusion : LEAPTO
  • Class for citizens-to-be, in brief : ESL
  • Existentialist concern : ESSE
  • Fashion’s Bartley : LUELLA

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