Word Collect Level 1 to 100 [ Answers and Cheats ]

You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Collect Level 1 to 100, the game is developed by Platinium Player LLC and its aim is to fulfill the blank tiles with words available at the tray. We have solved here another one hundred levels and provided too many bonus words that will help you in your quest !

Word Collect Level 1 to 100 Answers :

Word Collect Answers

After finishing these level, you can continue playing without stress by visiting this topic :Answers of Word Collect Level 101 to 200Thanks for your visit.

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  1. Georgie

    I’m on level 34 and it said use hints and then pick a free hint hit pick free hint shows choose letter and I try to choose letter and it’s frozen what can I do please

    1. Game Answer

      Hi Georgie,

      You should go to the phone setting and clear the cache of the game, it should work fine.

      Good Luck

    2. Georgie

      I’m still awaiting reply to my email regarding level 34. I choose free pick as it won’t disappear the msg and then it says choose letter and when you touch on letter nothing happens? Solution please

  2. Georgie

    What is the cache of the game in settings???

    1. Game Answer

      Hi Georgie,

      It depends on your device.

      I assume that you are on Android, if not please tell what kind of device you are using.

      Follow these steps :
      1-Go to menu
      3-General ( the name depends on your device ).
      4-Application Manager ( the name also depends on the device ).
      5-Scroll till you Find your game from the list.
      6-Click on it.
      7-On “cache”, click “clear cache”.
      Just pay attention not to click on “clear data”, you will loose your progress”.

      And it’s done.

      Good Luck,
      Don’t hesitate to comment again if any …


  3. Ludy

    How do I exit a daily challange

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