PP Crossword Chapter 33 Answers and Solutions

After solving Chapter 32 PPcrossword, We will provide you cheat for PP Crossword Chapter 33 answers, this game was developed by AppyNation Ltd. the famous developer known in word puzzle game. The game has 34 Chapters, each one contains many crosswords built with pictures. Many answers are easy to find but everybody could stuck in one or another pic.

PP crossword Chapter 33 Answers

Enjoy a new crossword game where every clue is a unique picture!

Put your word skills to the test with our intriguing new crossword game. Each clue is shown as a picture – just say what you see! There are hundreds of puzzles all based on different themes. It’s perfect to dip into when you need a puzzle break!

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PP Crossword Chapter 33

#494 door; drawer; mouth; eyes; trunk; windows; safe; arms; mind; present; book; curtains
Complete The Category : Open Sesame

#495 wood; guillotine; axe; apple; chopsuey; vegetables; karate; porkchop; chef; haircut; salad; chop
Complete The Category : Chop

#496 tide; sunrise; star; skyscraper; souffle; bread; paycheck; spongecake; cream; gnocchi
Complete The Category : All Rise

#497 autumn; water; snow; apple; teardrops; stars; cannonball; night; rain; empires; shadows
Complete The Category : Falling

#498 basket; rope; belt; material; wreath; spell; braids; fishingnet; tapestry; strawhat; web
Complete The Category : Weaving

#499 tiger; suit; army; badger; deckchair; humbug; crossing; zebra; lemur; candycane; skunk
Complete The Category : Earn your stripes

#500 bungee; cagedive; rafting; icehike; wingwalk; aerobatics; trapeze; skijump; cliffdive; freerun
Complete The Category : Daredevils

#501 lipstick; rage; cherry; rum; tomato; roses; heart; santaclaus; balloon; mars; pepper; poppy
Complete The Category : Each Thing Red

#502 skipping; pogostick; running; cartwheel; scarecrow; hopscotch; piggyback; leapfrog; handstand; tag
Complete The Category : Playtime

#503 symbols; dna; whispers; riddles; binary; covert; anagram; enigma; cropcircle; signals
Complete The Category : Mystification

#504 iron; heart; tank; boiledegg; nails; diamond; rock; ice; coconut; time; algebra
Complete The Category : Hard

#505 wand; beard; broomstick; robe; castle; cauldron; owl; potion; duel; magic; stars
Complete The Category : Wizard life

#506 flipflop; iron; floor; flatlands; desert; crewcut; bread; surfboard; foot; persianrug; pancake
Complete The Category : Flat stuff

#507 casserole; tortoise; glacier; roast; starfish; lava; snail; traffic; sloth; loris; treacle
Complete The Category : Slow poke

#508 steamroller; eamlraesltro; panda; hedgehog; zorbing; tank; rollerskate; lkolrteraseo; circus; armadillo; wheel
Complete The Category : Roll up roll up

#509 eyemask; pillows; moonlight; teddybear; bedsocks; snoring; quilt
Complete The Category : Dreamland

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