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PP Crossword Chapter 22 Answers and Solutions


After solving Chapter 21 PPcrossword, We will provide you cheat for PP Crossword Chapter 22 answers, this game was developed by AppyNation Ltd. the famous developer known in word puzzle game.

The game has 36 Chapters, each one contains many crosswords built with pictures. Many answers are easy to find but everybody could stuck in one or another pic.

PP crossword Chapter 22 Answers

Game Features :

Crosswords with a twist!
Hundreds of puzzles – with more to come!
Instant hints – get a little help when you need it
Connect to Facebook to carry on playing on your other devices
Play every day!

Enjoy a new crossword game where every clue is a unique picture!

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PP Crossword Chapter 22

#318: School, Murmuration, Clutch, Gaggle, Plague, Company, Brood, Bask, Wedge, Gang, Nest
( Complete the Category ) Lots of critters

#319: Empirestate, Parthenon, Flatiron, Angkorwat, Cntower, Burjalarab, Alhambra, Theshard
( Complete the category ) Fantastic buildings

#320: Kremlin, Redsquare, Stpetersburg, Moscowmetro, Siberia, Ballet, Dolls, Ruble, Vodka
( Complete the category ) All things russian

#321: Antartica, Santorini, Patagonia, Theamazon, Machupicchu, Dubai, Petra, Bali
( complete the category ) A world tour

#322: Geyser, Hotsprings, Mudpot, Bullelk, Nationalpark, Grizzlybear, Falls, Camping, Bison
( complete the category ) A Visit To Yellowstone

#323: Reporter, Newscaster, Cameraman, Microphone, Broadcast, Business, Editor, Lighting, Studio, Onair
( complete the category ) Tv News

#324: Operahouse, Baroque, Lascala, Seating, Orchestra, Audience, Passion, Encore, Boxes, Diva
( complete the category ) A Night At The Opera

#325: Aviary, Dovecote, Hayshed, Apiary, Sheepfold, Paddock, Corral, Hutch, Sett
( Complete The category ) Homes For Critters

#326: Vitaminc, Blackgarlic, Gojiberries, Fishoil, Iodine, Spirulina, Calcium, Zinc, Iron
( Complete the category ) Health Supplements

#327: Mint, Turkish, Camomile, Darjeeling, Rooibos, Rosehip, Dandelion, Oolong, Herbal, Black
( complete the category ) Time for tea

#328: Mustang, Appaloosa, Camargue, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Miniature, Mule, Pinto
( complete the category ) Horses

#329: Knight, Centurion, Viking, Emperor, Pharoah, Spartan, Gladiator, Samurai, Mongol
( complete the category ) Historical Figures

#330: Venice, Mountetna, Vaticancity, Tuscany, Lakecomo, Florence, Pompeii, Naples, Rome, Pisa
( complete the category ) Italian Places

#331: Niagarafalls, Toronto, Newfoundland, Montreal, Whistler, Rockies, Quebec, Ottawa, Yukon
( complete the category ) Canadian Places

#332: Tram, Catamaran, Reindeersled, Bullettrain, Funicular, Hovercraft, Maglev, Tuktuk
( complte the category ) World Transportation

#333: Champion, Grooming, Agility, Inspection, Judging, Bestinshow, Carrier, Owner
( complte the category ) Show Your dog

Word to complete chapter 22: Ecology

After solving PP Crossword chapter 22, you can jump to picture perfect crossword chapter 23.

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  1. have enjoyed playing ppcrossword and have purchased many coins and tokens.
    What I did not appreciate is that on two occassions coins were deducted from my total without my using them. not one or two at a time but a few hundred ata time.
    I do not know why but I did not know what to do excepr to b or wair for watching game ads.
    Anyway thanks for making this game available.


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