Game Of Words Rank 1896 [ Answers and Cheats ]

Game Of Word Answers

If you have already finished this : Game Of Words Rank 1895 , I can tell that you have choosed the right topic to get the answers and reach the next level which called : Game Of Words Rank 1896 , this game was developed by Tiny Bit Games a new developer in puzzle games for ios and android devices. From Now on, you will have all the hints, cheats and needed answers to complete this puzzle.You will have in this game to find words and place them in the crossword . The game is using a well known anagram template. The aim is to build your own homes, one by one. Collected bonus are this time not only used in hints but also to build parts of the home with a hammer !

Game of words Meteorite Rank 1896 Answers:

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Game Of Words Answers

Game Of Word Answers

Game of Words combines word finding and crossword fun for an amazing anagram puzzle experience. Choose which House to fight for, then solve puzzles and build your Kingdom. It’s simple to learn and easy to get started, but you’ll soon find yourself challenged by real brain teasers!
How to Play

– Swipe your finger over letters to create and connect words

– Words connect to help reveal missing words
– Are all words found and all words connected? If so, you’ve won!
– Complete levels to earn glittering rewards
– Improve your lands and expand your kingdom.

  • lard
  • also
  • oral
  • load
  • lord
  • road
  • dorsal
  • sold
  • solar
  • soar
  • loss
  • soda
  • dross

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