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Framed Daily Puzzle [ Answers ]

We will provide you in this topic the Framed game cheats and reveal the answers of the available daily puzzles of this famous wordle alternative on movies ! The game is called Framed and it gives you the best chance to prove your vast knowledge of the cinema industry while still playing a Wordle-like game.

Players are struggling to guess the right answers to this game. It’s really hard to solve the enigma (See How to Play tips below). Thus, our team has done the Job for you and will help you find Framed Answers daily. Here are the answers you are searching for (you must bookmark this page)

Framed Answers:

Framed Answers

How to play Framed:

Being one of the best Wordle alternative, the task is easy and simple: You need to identify the movie. In other words, you’ll be guessing film names.

With limited information and only six attempts, your task to guess the right answer will be quite challenging, unless you’re Cinema Buff.

The game will give you information to help you guess the movie. It shows you a set of images related to that particular film.

Don’t worry the job is easier as the images change after every try. For this reason, you need to keep calm when your first attempt fails.

If the game progresses and you don’t find the answer, you know where to go: Yes you guessed it right! Yes, feel free to check this page out to win today’s answer.

Please take note that any Framed spinoffs you find elsewhere on app stores or other storefronts are likely to be fake. Keep playing the original game only and keep visiting this page only.

We wish you all the good luck in the Framed game, such luck can be found only on our website as we will provide you with the right answers every day, every week. Trust us, you will never lose!


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