WOW Guru SUN MOON LAKE 16 [ Answers ]

WoW Guru Answers
WoW Guru Answers

WOW Guru Letters in a landscape

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I will provide you in this topic all what you need to succeed and solve WOW Guru SUN MOON LAKE 16. This game is developed By FUGO studios and it is running under a classic template. However, the quality of the graphic design is special. We have in addition a beautiful map which is splitted by country and a monument related to that country. Crosswords are easy to solve except some which are hard. We will try to help you as much as possible, with this serial of topics to reach the end of the game.


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WOW Guru

V1 :

  • DESTROY : Demolish
  • PUDDING : Sweet course
  • MARGIN : Border
  • SENSOR : Motion or voice sensitive device
  • BUYERS : Purchasers
  • EDISON : Thomas …, inventor who developed the electric light bulb
  • SHOWN : Displayed
  • NASTY : Vile
  • VINCI : Leonardo da …, the painter of the Mona Lisa
  • VAGUE : Uncertain or unclear
  • NOSY : Prying
  • NUT : Hard shelled fruit

V2 :

  • MARITAL : Relating to marriage
  • REPEAT : Say again
  • PLASMA : Liquid part of blood
  • BURGER : Flat disc of meat in a bun
  • REGGAE : Type of music developed in Jamaica in the s
  • ACROSS : … the pond, on or to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean
  • LOUSY : Awful
  • PRINT : Reproduce
  • ROUTE : Path
  • CRANE : Lifting device
  • PIECE : Musical work
  • PING : Short high-pitched sound
  • BULL : Rodeo animal
  • BET : Gamble
  • LAKE : Body of water

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