WoW Guru Answers
WoW Guru Answers

WOW Guru Letters in a landscape

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I will provide you in this topic all what you need to succeed and solve WOW Guru SERRANÍA DE HORNOCAL 9. This game is developed By FUGO studios and it is running under a classic template. However, the quality of the graphic design is special. We have in addition a beautiful map which is splitted by country and a monument related to that country. Crosswords are easy to solve except some which are hard. We will try to help you as much as possible, with this serial of topics to reach the end of the game.


If you are stuck in another level, feel free to look for the main topic dedicated to this game in order to have the list of answers for all the words :

WOW Guru Answers

V1 :

  • COMEDY : Humorous play
  • VOYAGE : Journey by air or sea
  • DOCILE : Easily managed
  • CAREER : Job
  • HEADER : Line of text indicating what the passage below it is about
  • PLASMA : Colourless fluid of the blood and lymph
  • AUDIO : To do with sound
  • SPLIT : Divided
  • HAPPY : Pleased
  • PILOT : Navigator
  • TEASE : Make fun of
  • CLASS : Social group
  • DRAW : Tie
  • HIP : Pelvic bone
  • THEM : Those people

V2 :

  • SNIPER : Single marksman in concealed place
  • RATING : Score
  • IGUANA : Tropical lizard
  • ROOTS : Ancestry
  • PRINT : Reproduce
  • PLACE : Station
  • EIGHT : Two cubed
  • GRANT : Endowment
  • THIRD : Last of three
  • CHINA : All the tea in …, great wealth, a large payment
  • DISC : Thin flat circular object
  • THIN : Slim
  • JUNE : First month of the summer
  • KISS : Touch with the lips
  • ODD : Unmatched

When you finish this Level, you can refer to the following topic to find all the words you need to complete Level Words of wonders guru SERRANÍA DE HORNOCAL 10.

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