WOW Guru GREAT SPHINX 8 [ Answers ]

WoW Guru Answers
WoW Guru Answers

WOW Guru Letters in a landscape

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In this topic I will provide you with what you need to help you progress and solve the puzzles of WOW Guru GREAT SPHINX 8. . This game is developed by FUGO Games and it is running under a classic template. Besides, the quality of the graphic design is special. In addition, we have a pleasing looking map which includes monuments related to each location. The crosswords are of different difficulties, some are easy, while others are hard. We will try to help you as much as we can to solve the puzzles by implementing a series of instructions in order to advance in levels.


If you are stuck in another level, feel free to look for the main topic dedicated to this game in order to have the list of answers for all the words :

Answers for WOW Guru

V1 :

  • PLAIN : Not fancy
  • LIPA : Dua …, English singer and songwriter
  • VENT : Opening that allows air to enter a room
  • TIE : Suit accessory
  • DEVIL : Speak of the …, when the person you were just talking about shows up

V2 :

  • EVERY : Each one without exception
  • MAYOR : Municipal leader
  • OCEAN : Large sea
  • ARMED : … to the teeth, carrying many weapons
  • ORDER : Tall …, a difficult task
  • PARK : Open space for recreational use
  • LIPA : Dua …, English singer and songwriter
  • LADY : … Gaga, American singer known for her image reinventions and musical versatility
  • RUM : Sailor’s drink
  • ALI : Muhammad …, American Boxer and civil rights campaigner
  • GAYE : Marvin …, American singer, songwriter, and record producer

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