Word Craze Level 1 [ Answers ]

Word Craze Answers

You Will find in this topic the answers of Word Craze Level 1, You will have in this game to find the words from the hint in order to fulfill the board and find a final word of the level. The game is new and we decided to cover it because it is a unique kind of crossword puzzle games. We have compiled here all the puzzles we found in this level so you just have to read the answers.

Word Craze Level 1 Answers :

Word Craze AnswersClassic Puzzle :

  • A digital letter sent using the internet : EMAIL
  • What shape are they making? : SQUARE
  • Thinly sliced strips of pork often eaten at breakfast : BACON
  • Bouquet thrower at a wedding : BRIDE
  • Models strike them : POSES
  • This actress, Jennifer Aniston, plays which character in “Friends”? : RACHEL

Cross Puzzle :

  • Purring pet : CAT
  • Another word for taxi : CAB
  • Counted by birthday candles : AGE
  • 1 of 5 on your foot : TOE
  • It happened a long time ___ (far in the past) : AGO
  • Flying, buzzing insect : BEE

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