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Word Cookies [ Answers and Cheats ]


You can find here Word cookies answers for all available packs , this guide is 100% updated and verified by our team. It is the highest ranked word puzzle game with tens of millions players all over the world .

Word Cookies Answers

The aim of the game is to find all hidden words, you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills.

• Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards.
• Simply swipe your finger over a word to select it.
• If you’ve found a valid word it will remain highlighted and marked on the word list as found.
This game has 57 packages and over 580 levels , each pack contains 5 levels where you need to find all the hidden words, Many answers are easy to find but everybody could stuck in one or another words.

If you are new with this game and have some difficulty to find some hidden words , we prepared this topic for you.

You can find the game in the download link for play store.

Word cookies answers ( All Packs )

Word Cookies Packs

Home Baker

Novice Chef

Talented Chef

Commis Chef

Pastry Chef

Star Chef

Celebrity Chef

Sous Chef

Executive Chef

Best Chef

Top Chef

Master Chef

Great Chef

Ultimate Chef

Finest Chef

Fantastic Chef

Incredible Chef

First Class Chef

Legendary Chef

Mythical Chef

Astonishing Chef

Outstanding Chef

Astounging Chef

Marvelous Chef

Breathtaking Chef

Stunning Chef

Phenomenal Chef

Wondrous Chef

Prodigious Chef

Extraodinary Chef

Noteworthy Chef










Wait us for new updates because the game will never finish !

Don’t uninstall the game,

Each update come with 20 new levels and the last seen updates came twice each month !

Last update message word cookies

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