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Word Connect

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Word Connect Daily September 2018 Answers:

Word Connect daily september 2018

september 1 2018

  1. do, or, od, rod, row, word
  2. we, el, sew, les, slew, lews
  3. gag, gar, rag, ray, gray, raggy
  4. leant, meant, metal, ament, leman, lament, mantel, mantle, mental
  5. grunt, ingot, intro, nitro, guiro, outing, trigon, routing, touring

september 2 2018

  1. am, at, to, ma, om, ta, mat, moa, mot, oat, tam, tao, tom, atom, moat
  2. if, in, no, of, on, fi, fin, ion, fino, info
  3. goo, log, loo, oil, logo, olio, igloo
  4. kite, knit, nite, tent, tike, tine, tint, kitten
  5. apse, cape, case, caul, clap, clue, cusp, lace, leap, pace, pale, peal, plea, plus, puce, sale, seal, slap, spec, ales, aces, cues, laps, caps, pula, peas, apes, ceps, lacs, lase, leas, pule, scup, slue, cause, clasp, lapse, pause, place, pulse, sauce, scale, scalp, scape, scaup, sepal, space, laces, claps, clause, places, capsule, upscale, specula

september 3 2018

  1. as, gar, gas, rag, sag, rags, gars
  2. be, de, bed, bid, die, ide, deb, dib, bide
  3. ley, lye, ole, lev, vey, levy, love, vole, lovey
  4. hail, halt, hilt, lath, tail, tali, thai, hila, alia, alai, hiatal
  5. fish, posh, ship, shop, hips, ipso, fops, hops, phis, pips, pops, hippo, popish, foppish

september 4 2018

  1. be, et, bee, bet, tee, beet
  2. un, nr, nu, nut, run, rut, urn, tur, tun, runt, turn
  3. are, aye, day, dry, dye, ear, era, rad, ray, red, rye, yea, yer, der, rea, dare, dear, dray, read, yard, year, yare, dyer, deary, ready, rayed
  4. poof, posy, fops, poos, poofy, spoof, spoofy
  5. ante, anti, exit, neat, next, nite, taxi, tian, tine, tiny, yean, yeti, tenia, texan, tinea, yenta, xenia, anxiety

september 5 2018

  1. de, ere, red, der, deer, reed, dree
  2. am, up, ma, mu, pa, um, amp, map, ump, puma
  3. inn, nun, sin, sun, ins, nus, nuns, unis, sunni
  4. bile, limb, lime, mile, limy, ylem, limey, blimey
  5. arse, ease, ewer, hare, hear, here, rash, rhea, sear, seer, sere, shaw, shew, wash, wear, were, ears, eras, eres, ware, wars, awes, ewes, haws, hews, sera, erase, sewer, share, shear, sheer, shrew, swear, where, hares, wears, hewer, hawser, hearse, rewash, washer, whereas

september 6 2018

  1. am, ca, ma, mi, aim, cam, mac, mic, mica, cami
  2. an, ad, da, nr, and, rad, ran, darn, nard, rand
  3. beg, bey, bog, boy, bye, ego, gob, goy, bogy, goby, obey, gybe, bogey
  4. arti, mart, pair, part, pita, pram, prim, ramp, rapt, rima, tamp, tarp, tram, trap, trim, trip, rami, prima, tapir, tramp, impart, armpit
  5. dent, doer, done, dote, herd, hero, hone, horn, nerd, node, note, rend, rent, rode, rote, tend, tern, then, toed, tone, tore, torn, trod, redo, doth, hoer, thon, hoed, drone, ethno, heron, honed, horde, norte, north, noted, other, tenor, thorn, toned, toner, trend, horned, hornet, rodent, throne, dehorn, thorned

september 7 2018

  1. is, kid, ski, disk, kids, skid
  2. fa, pa, alp, lap, pal, flap
  3. eel, eve, vee, lev, ell, lee, level
  4. faun, flan, flap, plan, ulna, pula, panful
  5. best, bust, rest, rube, ruse, rust, stub, suet, sure, true, tube, user, verb, vert, vest, rubs, revs, vets, ruts, tubs, bets, eruv, burs, rets, rues, turs, brute, burst, rebut, tuber, vertu, burse, tubes, buster, subvert

september 8 2018

  1. ad, ca, da, ha, cad, had, ach, cha, dah, chad
  2. en, et, etc, net, ten, cent
  3. alt, hat, hot, lat, lot, oat, tao, alto, halo, halt, lath, loth, oath, holt, loath
  4. dent, duet, dune, hued, hunt, nude, tend, then, thud, tune, tuned, hunted
  5. chit, city, clit, hilt, icky, itch, kilt, kith, lick, tick, hick, itchy, lytic, thick, tickly, thickly

september 9 2018

  1. so, we, owe, sew, sow, woe, woes
  2. as, at, ta, alt, lat, sat, last, salt, slat, alts
  3. ire, rue, run, urn, rein, ruin, rune, inure, urine
  4. easy, lame, male, meal, mesa, sale, same, seal, seam, slam, slay, ales, yams, lays, elms, lyse, amyl, ayes, lams, lase, leas, leys, mays, yeas, ylem, mealy, seamy, meals, males, measly
  5. ciao, cite, coat, coax, cote, etic, exit, iota, otic, taco, taxi, cate, exact, toxic, exotic, exotica

september 10 2018

  1. so, to, op, ops, opt, pot, sop, sot, top, post, spot, tops, pots, opts, stop
  2. de, du, due, red, rue, der, rude, rued
  3. eon, men, neo, one, son, emo, mon, ems, nom, oms, nos, nome, nose, omen, some, ones, noes, meson
  4. dais, disa, said, sand, aids, dins, duns, unis, saudi, unsaid
  5. aero, area, rare, rata, rate, rear, roar, rort, rota, rote, tare, taro, tear, tore, torr, aorta, rater, retro, terra, oater, orate, aerator

september 11 2018

  1. go, or, goy, gory, orgy, gyro
  2. so, to, cot, sot, scot, cots, cost
  3. ape, are, ear, era, hap, her, par, pea, per, pre, rap, rep, rea, rah, hare, harp, heap, hear, pare, pear, rape, reap, rhea, raphe
  4. bone, bore, born, ebon, robe, zero, zone, boner, borne, bonze, bronze
  5. apse, arse, pair, pare, pass, pear, peri, pier, piss, rape, rasp, reap, ripe, rise, sari, sear, sire, spar, pars, ears, ires, raps, eras, rips, pies, peas, airs, apes, asps, ipse, sais, reps, rias, saps, seas, sera, sips, sirs, spas, arise, parse, parsi, passe, press, prise, raise, sepia, spare, spear, spire, rises, apsis, aspire, passer, pisser, praise, sparse, spirea, repass, paresis

september 12 2018

  1. el, ale, are, ear, era, lea, lar, rea, real, earl
  2. an, as, fa, fan, san, fans
  3. eel, let, see, set, tee, tel, lee, les, else, lest, lets, tees, eels, lees, tele, sleet, steel, stele
  4. arse, easy, gear, gray, grey, gyre, rage, sage, sear, year, ears, eras, rays, rags, ages, yare, ayes, ergs, gars, ager, ryes, sera, yeas, sarge, greasy
  5. helo, help, hilt, hole, hope, lept, lite, lope, loth, pelt, pile, pith, plot, poet, pole, tile, toil, tole, holt, loti, phot, tope, hotel, lithe, pilot, toile, helot, polite, hoplite

september 13 2018

  1. ha, li, ail, ahi, hail, hila
  2. as, at, ta, alt, lat, sat, last, salt, slat, alts
  3. eco, hem, hoe, moc, emo, hoc, meh, mho, ohm, come, echo, home, chemo
  4. clop, coup, lock, luck, pock, puck, pluck, lockup
  5. berg, bier, brie, brig, burg, gibe, grub, rube, urge, bigger, bugger, buggier

september 14 2018

  1. be, beg, reg, erg, berg
  2. an, ng, pa, gap, nag, nap, pan, pang
  3. orc, roc, cork, rock, sock, orcs, rocs, rocks
  4. dent, diet, dine, dint, duet, dune, edit, nite, nude, tend, tide, tied, tine, tune, unit, etui, tuned, unite, untie, untied, united
  5. calf, cask, caul, flak, fuck, lack, luck, sack, suck, sulk, auks, calk, lacs, caulk, flack, flask, slack, sulfa, sackful

september 15 2018

  1. me, us, mu, um, emu, sue, sum, use, ems, muse
  2. is, kid, ski, disk, kids, skid
  3. are, bar, bra, ear, era, err, rea, bare, bear, rare, rear, brae, barre
  4. fall, fell, flan, flea, lane, leaf, leal, lean, fane, allen, fella, fallen
  5. peer, seep, seer, sere, eres, sees, pees, reps, press, spree, peers, express

september 16 2018

  1. ca, ha, ach, cha, hack
  2. at, ab, ta, art, bar, bat, bra, rat, tab, tar, brat
  3. ice, nip, pen, pie, pin, cep, pic, epic, nice, pice, pine, cine, pince
  4. blot, bolo, bolt, boot, loot, tool, toot, lobo, lotto, blotto
  5. clip, epic, isle, lisp, peri, pice, pier, pile, rice, rile, ripe, rise, sire, slip, spec, lies, ires, rips, pies, lips, ceil, riel, ceps, ices, ipse, leis, lire, lice, pics, recs, reps, crisp, peril, price, prise, relic, scrip, slice, slier, spice, spiel, spire, piles, pliers, slicer, spicer, splice, prices, splicer

september 17 2018

  1. as, ha, pa, ash, hap, has, sap, spa, asp, pas, hasp, haps
  2. en, nr, et, net, ret, ten, tern, rent
  3. sew, ell, les, sell, slew, well, lews, ells, wells, swell
  4. apse, cape, case, ease, pace, seep, spec, aces, caps, peas, apes, ceps, pees, cease, peace, scape, space, escape
  5. poor, porn, soon, pros, sons, pons, poos, sops, snoop, spoon, spoor, sponsor

september 18 2018

  1. no, on, to, en, et, eon, neo, net, not, one, ten, toe, ton, tone, note
  2. ay, pa, alp, lap, lay, pal, pay, ply, yap, play, paly
  3. ale, bad, bed, bel, dab, dal, lab, lad, lea, led, dba, deb, del, abed, able, bade, bald, bale, bead, bled, dale, deal, lead, lade, abled, blade, baled
  4. arse, awry, easy, sear, sway, wary, wear, year, ears, eras, rays, yare, ware, ways, wars, awes, ayes, ryes, sera, wyes, yaws, yeas, yews, swear, weary, wears, sawyer
  5. alto, atom, atop, lamp, loam, malt, moat, molt, opal, palm, palp, plat, plop, plot, pomp, tamp, laptop, palmtop

september 19 2018

  1. as, are, ear, era, sea, rea, res, arse, sear, ears, sera, eras
  2. do, no, on, od, don, nod, now, own, won, down
  3. boo, bro, orb, rob, roo, book, boor, rook, kobo, brook
  4. aged, doge, dosa, dose, egad, goad, sage, sago, sego, soda, ages, does, goes, dogs, dago, egos, gads, geos, odes, dosage
  5. agar, gram, mama, raga, maar, gamma, grama, magma, gramma, grammar

september 20 2018

  1. go, no, on, to, ng, got, nog, not, ton, tog, tong
  2. as, at, ta, et, ate, eat, sat, sea, set, tea, tae, east, sate, seat, eats, teas, etas, seta
  3. bay, boa, boy, buy, you, buoy, bayou
  4. gain, gran, grin, rain, rang, ring, zing, rani, grain, nigra, razing
  5. deed, deem, demo, dome, dote, meet, mete, mode, mote, teem, toed, tome, eddo, deme, teed, domed, emote, demote, demoted

september 21 2018

  1. as, at, ta, alt, lat, sat, last, salt, slat, alts
  2. is, li, lid, lis, sild, lids, slid
  3. ave, man, men, van, mea, amen, mane, mean, name, nave, vane, vena, maven
  4. lept, lite, pelt, pile, pipe, tile, tipple
  5. peer, seep, seer, sere, eres, sees, errs, pees, reps, press, spree, peers, presser, repress

september 22 2018

  1. he, eh, ye, hey, yeh, yep, hype
  2. me, mi, ice, mic, emic, mice
  3. lei, let, lie, lit, net, tel, ten, tie, til, tin, nil, nit, lent, lien, line, lint, lite, nite, tile, tine, inlet, intel
  4. berm, bore, more, robe, rose, some, sore, ores, mobs, orbs, robs, roes, sorb, serbo, sober, brome, brose, mores, morse, sombre, somber
  5. agar, alar, anal, aura, gala, gran, guan, guar, lung, raga, rang, rung, ulna, alga, gaur, aural, gnarl, lunar, ulnar, lagan, laguna, langur, ranula, raglan, angular

september 23 2018

  1. be, de, bed, bid, die, ide, deb, dib, bide
  2. ad, da, pa, pi, aid, dip, pad, dap, pia, paid, padi
  3. ley, lye, yen, ell, yell, nelly
  4. dime, gimp, pied, idem, diem, midge, gimped
  5. site, situ, stew, suet, suit, test, twit, west, wise, wits, wets, etui, sett, stet, ties, suite, tutsi, twist, wetsuit

september 24 2018

  1. an, en, ave, van, nave, vena, vane
  2. go, op, goo, poo, goop, pogo
  3. chi, his, hit, its, sci, sic, sit, tic, tis, cis, hic, chit, itch, shit, this, cist, hits, chis, tics, stich
  4. arab, aria, bric, carb, crab, crib, braai, arabic
  5. chit, cite, etch, etic, heck, hike, itch, kite, kith, tech, tick, tike, hick, ethic, ketch, thick, tithe, ticket, thicket

september 25 2018

  1. mi, pi, imp, rim, rip, prim
  2. as, gal, gas, lag, sag, gals, lags
  3. big, bio, bit, bog, bot, git, gob, got, obi, tog, obit, bigot
  4. deer, drew, ewer, reed, weed, were, dree, weeder
  5. dama, damp, dorm, dram, drop, para, pram, prod, prom, ramp, road, roam, romp, adar, maar, aroma, damar, drama, roadmap

September 26 2018

  1. do, od, du, duo, oud, quo, quod
  2. aw, ca, ha, caw, haw, ach, cha, chaw
  3. inn, ion, non, anon, noni, anion
  4. gene, gent, meet, mete, neem, teem, teen, genet, tegmen
  5. avid, dial, diva, idly, lady, laid, padi, paid, pail, play, vial, paly, vail, daily, plaid, valid, vapid, avidly, vapidly

September 27 2018

  1. if, in, fi, din, fin, fid, find
  2. un, en, de, nu, du, den, due, dun, end, ned, und, dune, nude
  3. ash, ham, has, hat, mat, sat, tam, mas, mash, mast, math, sham, shat, hats, hams, tams, maths
  4. rest, sets, rets, rests, tress, stress
  5. dale, dare, deal, dear, deer, dray, earl, eery, eyed, lady, lard, lead, leer, lyre, read, real, reed, reel, rely, yard, year, aryl, dele, lade, yare, dyer, eely, alee, dree, alder, deary, delay, eared, early, elder, lader, layer, leary, leery, ready, redly, reedy, relay, rayed, dealer, dearly, leader, layered, delayer

September 28 2018

  1. an, ca, en, ace, can, acne, cane
  2. lo, op, pa, alp, lap, lop, pal, pol, opal
  3. day, dry, had, hay, rad, ray, dah, rah, yah, dray, hard, yard, hydra, hardy
  4. anti, cant, inca, tian, antic, incan, actin, incant, tannic
  5. abed, bade, base, bead, dead, debe, deed, ease, seed, beds, bees, dads, debs, based, eased, deeds, beaded, debase, seabed, debased

September 29 2018

  1. be, et, bet, set, best, bets
  2. at, aw, ta, tat, wat, taw, watt
  3. arc, arm, cam, car, ham, mac, mar, ram, ach, cha, rah, arch, char, cram, harm, marc, charm, march
  4. dole, dyed, eddy, lode, eddo, oddly, odyle, yodel, yodled
  5. acne, aeon, cane, ciao, coca, coin, cone, icon, inca, nice, once, ceca, cine, canoe, conic, ocean, oceanic, cocaine

September 30 2018

  1. is, it, mi, ism, its, sit, tis, mist, mits
  2. el, li, pi, lei, lie, lip, pie, pile
  3. den, due, dun, end, fed, fen, feu, fun, ned, und, dune, fend, feud, fund, nude, unfed
  4. arid, arti, daft, dart, dirt, fair, fart, fiat, frat, raft, raid, rift, frit, fait, drat, draft, drift, triad, adrift
  5. apse, arse, earn, nape, neap, near, pane, pare, pear, perp, prep, rape, rasp, reap, repp, sane, sear, snap, span, spar, pars, ears, raps, eras, pens, peas, apes, peps, reps, sera, aspen, paper, parse, snare, spare, spear, nares, sapper, papers, snapper

See ya in word connect daily challenge for the next month.


Do you know that ?

If you dont have coins, you can anticipate the access to the next day challenge ?


It is possible …


It is easy as pz !

This is what to do :
  1. Go to your device settings
  2. Click on : “date, time settings” ( it can depends on the device )
  3. Turn “Automatic date/time” off.
  4. Go to “Set Date”
  5. Change the date
  6. Enjoy playing a new daily challenge.

You can repeat this action to access to previous or future days .

Hope this helped you a lot.

See ya for next updates of the game.