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Word Cats Level 1560 [ Answers and Cheats ]


If you come from the topic that talks about Word Cats Level 1559, then you are on the right one that will help you for sure to achieve without problem the next one : Word Cats Level 1560. The game is a kind of a classic word game where you have to swipe between letters to form words. These words should be valid and are splitted in too kinds : Requested Words and Bonus Words.Since you are here, you will find all the answers and bonus words I encountred. If you find others, please do not hesitate to tell in the comment in order to add it to the list.

Developer says :
Now! Just DOWNLOAD the game Game and train your brain for Free! Enjoy the New Puzzle game

· Simply swipe letters to line up different words. You can swipe the letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards.
· Invite Friends and get more coins, you can use coins for passing level easily.
· You Can Unlock Special Levels Each 5 Levels. Moreover, You can unlock the story of the two Chef Cats after you pass Level 50.

Word Cats Level 1560 Answers:

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Word Cats Answers

Word Cats Answers

  • DIE
  • DIM
  • DOE
  • DOT
  • MET
  • MID
  • ODE
  • TIE
  • TOE
  • TOT
  • DEMO
  • DIET
  • DIME
  • DOME
  • DOTE
  • EDIT
  • EMIT
  • ITEM
  • MITE
  • MITT
  • MODE
  • MOTE
  • OMIT
  • TIDE
  • TIED
  • TIME
  • TOED
  • TOME
  • TOTE

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