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Dingbats Between lines Level 2 Answers

Dear all, the topic Dingbats Between lines level 2 provides the answers of the game Dingbats, read between the line developped by In this game, you have to guess the expression from letters, words and shapes provided. It is an amazing game that will tease your mind. Unfortunately, the game provides in its english version only 5 levels which it is few and should be updated in the future.

Dingbats Between lines level 2 Solution

Developper says :

One puzzle, one phrase : try to identity the meaning hidden behind each drawing.
If you have difficulties, you can ask for clues or help from your friends to solve the game.

Dingbats between the lines Level 2 :

  • Read between the line
  • Mayonnaise
  • Stepfather
  • Life beginw at forty
  • Just in time
  • Ping Pong
  • Bottomless pit
  • Obe foor in the grave
  • A storm in a teamcup
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • One step forward two steps back
  • Missing in action
  • For ever and a day
  • Alter boy
  • Thinking outside the box
  • West indies
  • Arm in arm
  • Tongue in cheek
  • Split pea soup
  • Middle age spread
  • Going in circles

That was all you need to solve the game Dingbats between the lines level 2. If you are stucked in the Dingbats Between the lines level 3 , you can follow us for next update.

You can find the game in the download link for play store.

If you have any doubt or suggestion, please feel free to comment this topic.

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