Crossword Pie Level 361 [ Answers and Cheats ]

Crossword Pie Answers

Crossword Pie Answers

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Now let’s focus on the level 361. The cinematic continues sketching out the plot . You will have to pay your parents a visit after a long period of not seeing them. Work has taken all your time and that is why you are in need of a break. Your first mission was to revamp your parents’ living room; after all you are an interior designer and decoration is your specialty. The next step is to establish unique looking furniture and replace those old wracked ones. Get creative and place some neat and luxurious looking dining tables, couches, lamps, and much more by purchasing them using the coins you get after completing a puzzle level. The choices are unlimited; you can choose from traditional, country, modern, urban and romantic amenities and furnishings. It is worthy of note, that after each chapter, house fittings will get more expensive, so you might want to play few levels before you start decorating.

Crossword Pie Level 361 Answers:

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Crossword Pie Cheats

  • Simba’s uncle in “The Lion King”. : SCAR
  • A ______ film is a film without synchronized recorded sound, usually accompanied by music and sound effects. : SILENT
  • Capital of Greece. : ATHENS
  • *A clean bill of _____ .* : HEALTH
  • Bowling ball target. : PIN
  • A ____ year has 366 days. (The extra day is the 29th of February) : LEAP
  • The ___ bear is the smallest bear in the world. : SUN
  • The Amazon river dolphin, also known as the ____ river dolphin due to its unique hue. : PINK

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